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2022 APP Masters Boca Raton, Florida: Press Release


Julie, JW and Jorja Johnson Make Sport History


Pro Pickleball Delray Beach Family Win Triple Crown Gold Medals At APP Boca Raton Masters 

DELRAY BEACH, FL (January  27, 2022) -- Last week, at the 2022 Association Of Pickleball Professionals (APP) $75,000 APP Masters in Boca Raton, Florida, JW, 19, Jorja, 15, and mom Julie Johnson won GOLD medals playing singles in the professional bracket.  

On Court Interview

John Davidson: Down 9-14 (Game to 15 win by 2), Natalie Bagby gave you a run for your money and had three match points that you successfully defended. How did you turn that around?

Julie Johnson:  You know,  it's just, play one point at a time. You can't control anything more than that. I think nothing more than:  


  • Where I need to serve.  

  • What I need to do. 

  • Things like that. 

  • I just try to stay focused. 

  • Sometimes it works. 

  • Sometimes it doesn't.


John: As we all know, you're the third Johnson today to take a pro gold medal in singles. Did that add any bit of pressure to you going into this match?

Julie:  John, let me tell you, all day long, that's all I've heard.  Even one of the refs said to me before the game started,  "you know you need to win the gold today"! My kids were like, "mom come on"!!!

I lost my first game and I thought, "Oh my gosh"!!!!! 

Anyway, in the end, I got it done the hard way.


John: Well, you know, you persevered through the challenges there in the last game to 15. Job well done, capturing gold. Is there anything you'd like to say before we go to all your fans worldwide?

Julie: Thank you for cheering for me. Thank you to all these guys who cheered for me all day in the freezing cold. Thank you APP Tour and thanks Olivia for letting us have John today and go lefties. (Watch Interview)

At the APP Red Carpet Masters Award Ceremony held Thursday January 20th, the Family Trio received awards for:  



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